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The Benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The Benefits

What are the Benefits of working with a Real Estate VA?

There are many advantages to partnering with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. REVAs are not your run-of-the-mill office assistant. We come to you already highly skilled in many of the areas you need such as real estate marketing, lead management, creative & graphic design, writing, web design, and executive level support.  And you cannot forget the time and money savings that come with partnering with a REVA.

Running a business can be stressful enough (and let’s not forget, REALTORS®, you are business owners).  It takes a lot to do it all and stay in front of the competition. But some of the most savvy REALTORS® have figured out the forumla to making their business a success. Most have found real value in the benefits of adding Real Estate Virtual Assistants to their team.

Working with a the BVAS Team will:

  • Save You Time: Think of all the items on your to-do list you can delegate. The BVAS team can lighten your workload and systematize your business, saving you time to do the things that actually make you money and even have a personal life.
  • Save You Money: Let’s face it, where you make money is when you work directly with your buyer and seller clients, NOT by creating flyers, figuring out tech tools, or updating websites. When you delegate those tasks that zap your time, you then can concentrate on working with and obtaining new clients, which can increase your cash flow.
  • Save You Effort: Want your listing marketing and leads to be managed with the use of one email? No problem! The BVAS team already comes highly trained in most products and software, know what systems to put in place, and can easily manage your listings and leads from start to finish with you barely lifting a finger. Imagine your business being able to run running without you!
  • Save You From Anxiety: No time to sit down and learn the newest tech software for your business, but you HAVE to use it? No problem! Need a new website and blog, but you are not a web designer? No problem! Much of the technology today used to help you “keep up with the Joneses” can take practically a college course to learn. We deal with these tech products day in and day out, and specialize in these very things, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Save You Personnel Headaches: Because we’re independent contractors,we handle our own taxes, insurance and more. No need to deal with income tax withholdings, Social Security taxes, health or life insurance. You will not have to pay Workers Compensation, unemployment or retirement benefits. No labor laws apply, no nothing!
  • Save You Space & Overhead: BVAS works out of our own personal location, and maintain our own equipment. So this frees you from having to make any space in your sometimes cramped office. You will not have to provide a workstation, additional office equipment, or support.
  • Save on Assistant Downtime:  With BVAS, you only pay for your specific tasks or packages. You don’t need to pay for coffee breaks, water-cooler chat, downtime or slow periods. You also will not have to worry about paying for sick time, vacation, holidays or overtime.
  • Save on Training Costs: The BVAS team already has the skills and the know-how necessary to do the tasks you need and take your business up a notch. A good REVA already knows real estate, real estate marketing, and all the tools necessary to make your real estate business a success. No training needed.

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants are Partners in Your Success

Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is not the traditional employer-employee relationship. It is more like a partnership. We succeed when you succeed. Here at BVAS, we are proactive and look at the “big-picture.” We love to help clients with ideas for growth, and are constantly looking for new ways for our clients to reach their goals.

Having BVAS on your side taking care of your extra workload will help you do what you do best, sell homes!

Ready to work with us? Schedule a consultation!

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